Your Emails: Forged Promissory Note

I made a telephone inquiry regarding consolidating default student loans to relieve the $600 a month payments I was being recinded from my paycheck.

American Education Serivces (AES) just contacted my employer stating I am in default of a consolidated loan I took out with them. I just received the original promissory note which does not have my signature, or a date and was completed by the person I made the inquiry with. Who can I contact regarding this?

Thank you.

Your Emails: "Struggling With Sallie Mae"

I am struggling with trying to set up a payment arrangement with Sallie Mae.

I have, through a bit of time on the internet, discovered that this is not the best place to have to deal with. I did not have my loans through them originally. My loans have been sold to the best of my recollection, at least 4 times. And, they ended up at Sallie Mae. (First Wisconsin Bank, to Great lakes Higher Education to someplace in Arizona, notw to Sallie Mae. There may be more in the middle!).

I have been through divorce and bankruptcy recently. My bills (without the loans) at this point, amount to over $2,000 a year MORE than I take home. (with the payments, if I cannot work out something, I will be $6,000 or so in the red!). Every year, I hope things will get better. Every year, it gets worse. I cant even keep up with dental work for my kids (with insurance!) or for myself.

I applied for income sensitive repayment. Got a note that said instead of having a payment of $405 a month, I would have to pay only $326! Wow, that is a big help. I have a job. I also have a car loan at 21% due to the bankruptcy; and I pay an extra $500 in rent each month because of my Ex. I ended up in bankruptcy because my wages were being garnished for his bills. Marital property laws SUCK, and are punitive in some situations.

I have written Sallie Mae again, trying to explain my situation. I do not have any hope that it will help. I am 48 years old. My life did not go the way I had planned. I went to school to NOT have to live like this. Ironically, it has actually made my life worse....

I will never own a home, or get to retire. I will be one of those little old ladies, greeting customers at the front door of WalMart, until the day I die. Because I thought that getting a college degree was going to HELP me!

I am also trying to get the original info on my loans, but that looks hopeless as well....

I do not understand how it has come to this. They have all the power. It does not seem as though there is any recourse. And, since forcing me into default is financially more attractive to them, why would they want to help?

Your Emails: "AES May Have The Worst Customer Service"

As a borrower from American Education Services (AES) and finally getting my defaulted student loans after financial hardship into rehabilitation, I felt this story was pertinent to future borrowers. I admit that I screwed up and wasn't paying all my student loans on time, but was able to get my Federal Loans into rehabilitation and up to date, yes! They were great to work with, the ladies were so nice, understanding on the phone and they worked with me to create an affordable repayment plan.

Then I tried dealing with the ladies from AES. I think someone should get them a day at the spa because they are all complete ignorant, miserable women. I've talked to three different women and they all were completely rude ot me over the phone. Last time I noticed I was paying them money every month and essentially am a customer of theirs, right? Well they need some training in manners for "listening" and customer service skills. The first lady had me on the phone 3 times in one day and for an hour at a time, arguing, talking over me, talking to me in a condescending manner; you name it she didn't want to hear it and she didn't listen to anything I was trying to explain to her why I couldn't afford to pay her $3,500 that day. She threatened to call my employer and pull money from paychecks. So I had to give her 10 checks in a row for ACH. My phone call with Federal Student Loans took me 15 minutes ... Something wrong there?

Just today I spoke with a girl named Andrea and she told me that it was in my best interest to pay off my $2,900 balance right now to get it out of default. After I logged in and explained that my online account said my balance was $0.00, she said you don't have online access to your account. Does that make sense? Then I said I'd like to lower my monthly payments before I sign this letter that states you're going to roll $500 of collection fees into my principal. She said, "We can keep taking $300 out of your account, but you paid 8 in a row ontime and with one more you're eligible for rehabilitation" Really? So the fact that I had been on-time didn't warrant a little more human emotion from this lady. Do these people work in a dark room in the middle of Pennsylvania somewhere? Someone send them flowers or something. As she tried to go back into how paying it today would be better for me after I told her I wasn't able to; I decided to pay my last collection payment and call back in a month to hopefully speak to someone with a heart. Even when you do pay on-time, the women of American Education Services (AES) are kind of like praying mantis, they eat their own kind, other human beings trying to get by and correct the wrongs of their past.

Forged Promissory Note?

Has anyone reading this ever had a problem with a loan company such as ACS, CFS Suntech/CHASE, Sallie Mae etc. actually forging a promissory note for a loan/consolidaton? If someone working for a loan company has forged your name on a promissory note (either hardcopy or online "e-signature"), or if you have any information on such forgery practices, please email me @

Your Emails: 10 Years and Still Paying

We have been paying on our loans for over 10 years, and in all that
time only 12% of our payments were ever applied to the principal.
We have paid off 4 vehicles, 4 hospitals, 1 home, 15 doctors and
several animals - because you can pay ahead or pay extra on the principal --
BUT NOT ON STUDENT LOANS!!! THEY DO NOT HAVE TO APPLY ANYTHING TO THE PRINCIPAL FIRST - they can legally apply to their fees and interest and charges first - It is a sick rigged rip-off intended to create debts that can never be paid off!!! AND BILL f'ing CLINTON privatized it all so that his buddies could build themselves a private golf course...Hell, we owe more now than when we started paying the damn things!!!

So much for 'family values', the importance of education, and all that
other crap...