Your Emails: American Education Services (AES) Complaint

Hi There,

I am so happy to see your site up.

I have contacted the BBB and Attorney General in regards to AES of Pennsylvania.

My private loans were sold to this company who, so far, have been incompetent, rude, and generally disassociated with anything or anyone. In April, the last month of a foreberance I took after college because, as we all know, the economy is not great for "straight out of college careers", I was informed by a representative that my foreberance time was up, and I only qualified for a graduated repayment plan which would cut my bills in half, starting in May. I thought, "Heck, I can deal with $179.64 a month.". That is not what happened. It was determined that I actually had more foreberance time left AND that the rep used it while I was sending in the paperwork to get the graduated status(which took THEM two weeks to approve after I FAXED over the documents). They claim that the fax has many users and that the number provided is the main fax, so my documents could have been lost.

Next, my co-signer, my 67 year old handicapped grandmother, has been receiving calls over me, the actual documented loan holder, scaring her and saying that she has to pay my overdue balance of $500 or her credit will be ruined too! She is now upset along with my family who think I am just ignoring the situation!

When I called AES, I assured them that I was one of those people who try to get over on things. I WANT to pay for my college education! I have tried to make arrangements to get things cleared up, and the only response I get is that a collection agency will be contacting and suing my grandmother and I if I don't get these payments in full over to them even though I haven't received a raise or anything that would help with that. One rep asked me to ask my employer for a loan! It's absurd!

When I told a rep that I was filing a complaint with BBB and the attorney general and that I would like to have our recorded conversation, he said I would never get that information. I thought they used those for "quality assurance purposes".

My account is now delinquent and continually garnering late fees, interest fees, and collection fees. I have sent payments periodically, but until the full balance is due, my grandmother and I will continue to ignore our phones for now because according to one rep, Josh x7447, there is no more to say. You pay: period.

Thanks so much for having a place to vent. I hope my story will help someone down the road.