Your Emails: AES: Dishonest, unfair & outright fraudulent! We need to fight back!

I was so glad to find this site. I too have had numerous problems with AES. Again, my credit is damaged due to their poor business practices.

The most recent problem comes after I requested that my terms be adjusted to a graduated payment. I was told that I need not make a payment in Dec. In January, after I made my payment, I received notice of payment delinquency (from December), I contacted AES on January 29 and was told that the error was theirs. They stated that there was an error when the account was updated and that the person who updated the account had failed to take the necessary measures to update the account in a manner that would reflect that the December payment had been made. Again, I was assured that I did not owe the December payment & that everything had been taken care of and I would receive no further notices. I was apologized to for the inconvenience it had caused me.

On March 2, I received a notice from a collection agency on behalf of AES/National Collegiate Trust. For the 3rd time, I contacted AES. Only this time I was told that I am responsible for interest & Late fees & the payment from December! I was told at this time that the December payment was not eligible for forgiveness due to no forbearance time left on the account. This was the first time anyone mentioned the need for forbearance time to relieve 1 payment! I have consistently been told I was not responsible, Why all of a sudden should I be held accountable for their error. I have no problem making the payment (if it is tacked onto the end of the loan as I can't afford to make the payment at this time.) I do not feel that my credit should suffer, nor should I be liable for late fees, etc. This was not an omission on my part, I had planned to make the payment!

As I stated before, this is the most recent of many problems I have had with AES; Pulling my loan out of forbearance 3 months early & not notifying me, then turning the account over to their attorney; Astronomical interest accrual and failure to prove to me as requested the interest rates, etc. over the period of time requested. Payments posted incorrectly, leading to even more interest payments,etc. The list would make this e-mail 3 times as long as it already is.

I am ready to fight back! Almost 8 years of this is ENOUGH! What I want to know is if anyone is aware of a class action attorney who might be interested in picking up a case against AES. I plan to research it. If I find, I will post.